Real-time Tracking

Allows a group of authorized people to monitor and track the user in real-time. Also, shows how far the nearby friends, police stations, NGO’s and hospitals are.

Safety Zone Monitor

Parents could set the safety-zones for their children and elders. Whenever the concerned crosses the perimeter zone an alert is sent to the authorized list.

SOS Alerts

With the press of a simple button send help requests to your loved ones, police and helplines in form of voice call, text, email also leveraging the social media.

Conference Voice Call

Allows you to stay connected with multiple people at the same time with the help of voice calls.

Crowd Sourcing

Leverage social networking methods to update your dear and near ones online. Also get from nearby police and helplines.

Live Stream

Send audio and video clips of your whereabouts in real time.

Fall Detection

Automatically sends SOS Alerts when an user falls and is unable to call for help.

Multi Lingual Support

Get emergency notifications in your language of preference. Currently supports English, Hindi and Malayalam.


Amrita Mitra is designed to be kept camouflaged making it difficult to be identified.